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Quality is our Top Priority!

Quality of our product depends from customer to customer, as some prefer it in a wet cake form, whereas others need powder or granules depending on their applications. However the most basic parameters in quality for our line of products are the insoluble content (purity of solution) and colour of the solution through which they can judge the quality of the product. All products at Arochem Industries are uniquely batch identified and extensively verified at all stages of manufacturing process using the latest inspection and testing equipment, to ensure greater quality. Therefore we have a dedicated quality control lab which analyses the liquid solution of the product at each and every stage of the production process. If there is any defect during the production process, we try to rectify the flaw or separate the batch. We pass the whole production process under rigorous testing in order to satisfy ourselves that all products leaving our facility have met all requirements.

Our experienced research and development team not only plays vital role in improvising quality of products but also work round the clock to ensure only superior quality will be supplied to every customers.

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